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DUI Defense

Ensuring Your Voice is Heard - Fight Your DUI Today

With prosecution experience, our attorneys have handled DUI and DWI cases from both sides of the courtroom. This enables us to better anticipate the actions that the opposing side may take, and build an even stronger defense based off this insider's perspective. With plenty of experience and the successful results to back it up, you can rest-assured that we will be advocates on your side, passionately defending your rights and looking out for your future.

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What Are the Penalties For DUI in Washington? (See the grid below)

1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Jail 24 hours to 1 year 30 days to 1 year 90 days to 1 year
Fines and Penalties $940.50 to $5,000 $1,195.50 to $5,000 2,045.50 to $5,000
License Suspension 90 days 2 years 3 years
*IID Required Yes Yes Yes

*IID = Ignition Interlock - Find out More

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A DUI or DWI conviction can never ever be expunged from your criminal record. It can become something that you will have to explain to employers or address on applications for the rest of your life. Not only can a DUI conviction lead to driver’s license suspension but can lead to jail time, especially for repeat offenses.

What we offer?

I have spent over 20 years defending clients in Pierce, King, and Thurston Counties. Over these years, I have worked with these courts to resolve countless criminal issues, which has benefited thousands of clients in terms of reduced fines and jail sentences and benefited these communities in terms of thousands of first time offenders who have made the most of second chances.

A conviction for a DUI can lead to up to 364 days in jail or a $5,000 fine. These are just a few reasons why it is so important to speak with an attorney before making any decisions that can lead to these lifetime hurdles.

Communication is key in putting together any sound criminal defense, this is why my clients will be updated regularly throughout each step of my representation. From the first consultation until we resolve the matter, and in most instances, well afterwards, my clients know that I am there for them when they need me. I am there to provide step by step guidance on how to best resolve their matter.

In almost all cases, sixty days following the arrest (except in blood test cases) the Department of Licensing will suspend or revoke the person’s driver’s license. This is why it is important that a person requests a hearing to contest the suspension soon after the arrest. It is critical that the hearing be requested in a timely manner or it may be waived. Few people realize how valuable it can be to have legal representation during this process.


  • You’ve Been Arrested For a DUI in Washington, Now What?

    • Do not make any admissions.
    • Do assert your rights to counsel immediately.
    • Do not submit to any tests without first speaking with your attorney.
    • Do not consent to any search of your person or property without first speaking with an attorney.
    • If your attorney is unavailable, ask to speak with the public defender.
    • Always be respectful. Law enforcement will try and make a record of everything you do or say.
  • What Is a DUI Offense?

    First time DUI offenses are usually categorized as Gross Misdemeanors. Repeated DUI’s and/or DUI’s committed in conjunction with other acts may be categorized as felonies. If convicted for a Gross Misdemeanor a person may serve a minimum of one day in jail and a maximum of 364 days. The minimum jail time increases where there are prior offenses, where the test result is .15 or higher, or where the test was refused.
  • What happens if I have a CDL?

    Persons who hold a Commercial Driver’s license will have their CDL disqualified for one year if Department of Licensing suspends their license for a DUI or Physical Control arrest, even if the person was driving a non-commercial vehicle. Such person will be disqualified for a lifetime from driving a commercial vehicle if DOL suspends their license a second offense.

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