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Burglary Is A Serious Offense

Make no mistake about it— the legal system takes the crime of burglary very seriously. If you or a loved one is tried and convicted of burglary, be prepared for your life to change. These changes won't be for the better, and your life will often get more difficult.

Three Ways That Being Convicted Of Burglary Will Change Your Life

Employers May Trust You Less

Not only will prospective employers be much less likely to hire if you are charged and convicted of burglary, your current employer will probably not trust you as much. After all, would you be quick to trust someone who has been convicted of infringing upon another person's property rights?

Business owners and bosses have a hard time tracking employees as it is, and the last person they will want to hire is somebody that they feel like they have to watch out for legally.

Banks Will Be Less Likely To Give You A Loan

Most people think that a bank relies purely on your credit score when they are deciding whether or not to provide you with a loan, but the reality is quite different. Any bank or credit union that you apply for a loan from will run a detailed criminal background check before approving your loan.

If you think that a bank wants to take a chance on a convicted felon, think again. Banks do not want to do business with convicted burglars, and the reasoning behind this is self-evident. Financial institutions frown on applicants having a criminal record in general, but any crime that suggests you have been involved in a theft is even worse from their perspective.

You Can End Up In Jail

If you are convicted of a Class A or Class B felony, getting another job may be the least of your concerns— burglary carries stiff penalties. If you are convicted, your sentence may include prison time.

If this happens, then not only will you have to start your life anew when you get out of jail, but you will also miss quality time with your friends and family that you won’t get back. In short, being accused and/or charged with burglary is no laughing matter. You need a criminal defense attorney who is ready to defend your rights.


Washington Burglary Attorney Michael Harbeson Can Help!

In the vast majority of cases, burglary refers to entering a building, vehicle, or boat with the intent to commit a theft or any other type of felony offense. “Entering” does not necessarily mean that you break into the home, but gaining access through fraudulent means or staying in a home after you have been asked to leave constitutes burglary.

It is important to know that it is also illegal to make or possess any implement designed or commonly used for burglary, with the intent to use the tool for that purpose. Examples of burglar’s tools include crowbars, dynamite, torches, and other similar device. This is a gross misdemeanor.

What are The Different Burglary Charges ?

The degree of burglary charged has a lot to do with what occurs once the burglar is in the home and whether or not they bring in a weapon. These factors can be the difference between days in prison and life in prison.

Burglary in the first degree is a Class A felony. A person is guilty of burglary in the first degree if, with intent to commit a crime against a person or property, they enter or remain unlawfully in a building, while carrying an armed weapon or commit assault.

Residential burglary is a Class B felony. A person is guilty of residential burglary if, with intent to commit a crime against a person or property, the person enters or remain unlawfully in a dwelling other than a vehicle. For pleading purposes, residential burglary is considered to be a more serious offense than second degree burglary.

Burglary in the second degree is a Class B felony.A person is guilty of burglary in the second degree if, with intent to commit a crime against a person or property, they enter or remains unlawfully in a building, other than a vehicle or a dwelling.

Regardless of the degree charged the goals remains the same. We will help you avoid the conviction for the criminal charge but perhaps more importantly keeping you out of jail.


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