Domestic Violence


Putting An End To Domestic Violence

With a growing prevalence of domestic violence, it’s more important than ever to seek immediate help when instances of household abuse arise. Fortunately, we as a society are becoming less tolerant of this serious crime. If you’ve been exposed to harsh or violent living conditions while in your home, it’s critical to contact a domestic violence lawyer. The most sensible way to fight for justice is to have a team of industry professionals in your corner. Reach out to our law offices, and we’ll put you in touch with a defense lawyer.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Rape, stalking, trespassing, reckless endangerment, and burglary are all considered domestic violence in the state of Washington. In other words, anything that creates a hostile living environment falls under the umbrella of domestic violence. If any members of your household have exhibited this behavior, it’s essential to request an attorney. The following is a brief overview of individuals who fall under the category of household members:

  • Adults who live together.
  • Spouses, or former spouses.
  • People who have children together.
  • Stepparents.
  • Stepchildren.
  • Adults related by blood.
  • Grandparents.
  • Grandchildren.
  • Domestic partners.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you’ve been subjected to this unlawful behavior, it’s time to take action. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, you’ll receive the peace of mind that you deserve. For your safety, it’s crucial to approach these matters with discretion, otherwise, you’re liable to invoke a potentially dangerous situation— with our proven history of success, you can confidently place your trust in us. Contact us today to find an attorney who’s right for you.

Washington Domestic Violence Attorney Michael Harbeson Can Help!

Over the past couple of years, domestic violence has begun to get the widespread attention it deserves. We as a society are less and less tolerant of violence in the home. Domestic violence is a serious crime against society and for this reason, it is the intent of the legislature that criminal laws be enforced without regard to whether the persons involved are or were married, cohabiting, or involved in a relationship.

Washington State criminal penalties for domestic violence related crimes are divided into two general categories: (Misdemeanor or Gross Misdemeanor) and Felonies.

  • Misdemeanor crimes are filed in District and Municipal court
  • Felony crimes are filed in Superior court

What is Domestic Violence ?

In Washington, a person who commits a violent or threatening crime such as rape, stalking, trespass, or burglary against someone in his or her family or household has committed domestic violence. Assault and reckless endangerment between family and household members is also considered domestic violence.

Family and household members include:

  • Spouses and former spouses
  • Domestic partners and former domestic partners
  • People who have children together
  • Adults related by blood or marriage
  • Adults who live together or who have lived together
  • People over the age of 16 who live together or who have lived together and who are or were romantically involved
  • People over the age of 16 who are dating
  • Parents and children (including stepparents and stepchildren)
  • Grandparents and grandchildren.

Regardless of the degree charged the goal remains the same. We will help you avoid the conviction for the criminal charge, but perhaps more importantly, keep you out of jail.


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