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Drug Crimes


Washington Drug Crime Attorney Michael Harbeson Can Help!

Although we know that marijuana is now legal in Washington State, this does not mean that there are no rules governing its use. Washington still has rules in place that regulate marijuana use. Possession of more than the legally allowable amount, possession while under the age of 21, and public smoking are still illegal.

If you are charged with possession of any drug other than marijuana, you will likely face a felony charge regardless of the amount of the drug you had on you at the time of arrest. This includes possession of drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamines, methadone, illegal prescription drugs, and any other drug that is classified as illegal.

Please review the following Drug Possession and Distribution Chart

Washington State guidelines can be a bit difficult to understand especially when it comes to marijuana use. Because it is more important than ever to know what your rights are and the types of penalties one may face if they violate Washington State drug laws, we have included the following Possession and Distribution charts.

Possession - Personal

Offense Penalty Incarceration Max. Fine
1 oz. or less (private possession/consumption) 1 oz. or less (public consumption) 1 oz. - 40 g More than 40 g
1 oz. or less (public consumption) 24 hours to 1 year Up to 5 years Up to 10 years
1 oz. - 40 g $750 or less $750 to $5,000 $5,000 and Above
More than 40 g Up to $5,000 Up to $10,000 Up to $20,000
* Mandatory minimum sentence

Possession - With Intent to Distribute

Offense Penalty Incarceration Max. Fine
Any Amount Felony 5 years $10,000

Sales or Distribution

Offense Penalty Incarceration Max. Fine
Any Amount Felony 5 years $10,000
To a minor at least 3 years younger Felony 10 years $10,000

Regardless of the degree charged the goal remains the same. We will help you avoid the conviction for the criminal charge, but perhaps more importantly, keep you out of jail.


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